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November 11, 2016
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PictureMelbourne Main Street would like to welcome all artists to the 2015 "Paint the Town" Mural contest. Our goal is to transform Downtown Melbourne into a vibrant art destination with help from the local art community. We will be accepting submissions from now until June 30th, 2015. Submissions will be chosen and notified by July 15th, 2015 and work will begin as early as August 15th, 2015. (The added time is to allow for city approval of the designs and design placement determinations by Melbourne Main Street). Our goal is to have the majority of the Murals completed by Friday October 23th, 2015, when we will have an official unveiling and artist reception. We understand that not all murals will be completed by this time and murals requiring additional time will of course be granted. Submit as a team, with your class, or on your own! Good luck everyone and thank you for being a part of this amazing project!

Round one of the mural submissions is now closed, submissions will open again later this year. Picture

403 East New Haven - 90ft long - one story (Stebbins Hardware)

807 East New Haven - 119ft long - one story (Debauchery)

812 East New Haven - 113ft long - one story (Megs)

2018 Melbourne Court - 35ft long - two story (Tallulah 9)

817 East New Haven - 75ft long - one story (Guilty Pleasures)

411 East New Haven - 35ft long - one story (Lou's Filling Station) Requested theme "vintage/cars/bikes"

505 East New Haven - 30ft long - one story (Reliance Trust Realty) Requested theme "Tahitian water homes/underwater scene"

1231 East New Haven - 65ft long - two story (Harry Goode's Sporting)

Picture604 East New Haven - 50ft long - one story (empty)

900 E New Haven-105 ft long-4 mini murals

Mural Properties

The property list will be continuously updated and Artist do not have to design with a specific property in mind.

Mural Guidelines and Information

1) Artist info
Artists do not need to have previous mural experience to submit an entry. Artist submission is, however, an agreement to paint the mural. There is no minimum age requirement for this contest. Artists may submit in groups, teams, or as individuals. Artists or teams may submit up to three designs for consideration.

2) Mural Info
All types of design and art are welcome. Mural designs must be submitted online (jpg and pdf are the preferred file types) and contain as much detail as will be present in the final mural. Aspects not included in the submission will not be allowed to be included the completed mural. (The only exception to this are repetitive aspects; design elements or shapes already used and approved may be duplicated on a case by case basis.Picture Permission to stray from design submitted will require approval.) Artists will be allowed to sign their murals.
Mural content that will be denied include: Religion, Death (including skulls), Nudity, or any other aspect that could be considered offensive. Please use your best judgement. Remember that these properties are in a family friendly area and will be viewed by people of all ages.

3) Special Consideration
Special consideration will be given to mural designs that are based on the following aspects: historical themes(places, events or people), Jim Morrison dedication (as Melbourne is the birthplace of this Doors front man), submissions designed for specific properties (taking into account business requested theme). (Submissions in these categories do not guarantee your design will be chosen)

4) Chosen Designs
If your mural design is chosen, you will be notified no later than July 15th, 2015. Murals are set to be started by the end of August and will be completed no later than September 25th, 2015. All materials to complete the mural will be provided by Melbourne Main Street at no cost to the artist. Materials provided by the artist will not be reimbursed, if you notify MMS of a specific desired material, we will provide it for you. Artists will be awarded with a combination of cash and prized based on the overall size and detail of the mural. To all artists, we wish to reward you for your time, energy, and dedication, keeping in mind that we are a non-profit organization. Thank you for joining us in this wonderful project aimed at transforming the heart of Melbourne!

Picture Picture Picture Picture

Wobble - The Gallery, downtown Melbourne 6/26/15
Wobble - The Gallery, downtown Melbourne 6/26/15
Melbourne downtown poochibaba
Melbourne downtown poochibaba
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