Welcome to Site-ations

SITE-ATIONS develops new models for Inter-Cultural exchange through its presentation of leading contemporary art practices within unique places, histories and contexts around the globe.

Its development began in 1993 when the Artists’ Project affiliated to the office of the ‘International Artists’ Museum’ based in Lodz, Poland.

Project on the selection of international artists for the first Site-ations to be held in Cardiff, Wales. 56 artists from 14 nations worked over a twelve day period on the creation of new work in direct response to the specifics of location and history.

SITE-ATIONS grew from the recognition that ‘site’ has become an important experience of the work of art: from the examination of the foundations of gallery as ‘site’ (installation) to the examination of the foundations of landscape and the natural and urban environment. These physical sites have been further extended to include the mapping of more ‘conceptual’ spaces and their institutional, cultural and environmental concerns.

Within this context the aim of SITE-ATIONS is to formulate a number of International events that seek to:

  • Develop projects which relate to unique historical and environmental contexts.
  • Re-connect the various practices of art with the environment.
  • Facilitate inter-cultural exchange and open dialogue through collaborative ventures involving artists, diverse institutions and the public.

The latest Site-ations entitled Artfront/WaterFront took place in New York (June 2002-Jan 2003) and was a collaboration with Newhouse Center For Contemporary Arts(NY) , A Casa/At Home(Zagreb) and Vangaurd Visions (Stockholm, NY).

The next Site-ations is planned for 2005.

Peter Downsborough Seiji Shimoda Pavel Hartman