Rainbow Festival Melbourne

October 4, 2022
Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014
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First announcement:

Zion Train, The Funk Hunters, Snareophobe, Dub Kirtan Allstars, Shane Gobi, Hux Flux, Rocky, Donato Dozzy, Michael Mayer, Felguk, FreQ Nasty, King Unique, Nico Stojan, Phaxe, Kularis, Banco De Gaia

Second announcement:

The Orb (live) (25th Anniversay show), James Zabiela, OTT, Max Cooper, Panpot, Thomas Felhmann, Tristan, Dr. Alex Paterson DJ, Avalon, Ritmo, Killerwatts, Zen Mechanics, Headroom, Astropilot, Manifestor, Dousk, Elite Force, Knobs, Rob Clouth, Artelligent, Vaetxh, Opiuo, Sensient, Spoonbill, Interpulse, Tornado Wallace, Otologic, Phil K, Jamie Stevens, Sun:Monx, U-One, Terrafraktyl, Hypnagog, Kodiak Kid, A Charged Particle, Farebi Jalebi, Dark Nebula, Ozzy, Chromatone, Kasey Taylor, Mike Callander, Zion Train, The Woohoo Revue, Madre Monte, El Moth, Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Kooyeh, The Bad Brigade

Rainbow Serpent Festival has come a long way over the years. From a small gathering in a secluded clearing, to an internationally recongnised, multifaceted weekend of dance, colour, expression and celebration. People now travel from all over the world to Western Victoria to experience what some have said is the best outdoor festival of it’s type in the Southern Hemisphere.

For many of the 10, 000 plus people that attend each year, Rainbow has become an institution, and annual reunion, a marker in the year that’s looked forward to for months in advance. For others it’s a fresh discovery of opportunity and escapism, a chance to connect with like minded individuals and to celebrate nature, community and harmony. Perhaps the continued success of Rainbow can be accredited to the broad experiences and opportunities on offer.

No longer just an electronic music festival these days you can expect to experience a unique combination of music, art, performance, spiritual education, relaxation and healing. "While dancing their Dreamings, aborigines spiritually connect themselves to the land and to the Dreamtime. The drumming of feet during the dance draws the earth into dialogue with the dancers, allowing the ceremony to bring the power of the Dreaming to life." The name Rainbow Serpent is distinctly Australian, coming from the Dreamtime creation story told by the traditional owners of the land. Dreamtime stories often vary between aboriginal tribes, however the story of the Rainbow Serpent is special as it is one of the few common to all. The Rainbow Serpent is protector of the land, and the source of all life.

Music has always been a highlight of Rainbow. From the early trance days to the broader musical style of today, one thing Rainbow has never compromised on is the quality of it's acts. With world class décor, roving artistic performances, crazy activities you cant imagine a more exotic sensory mix spread over four days. Put simply if you’ve never been to the Rainbow Serpent Festival, now is the time to buy a tent and call your friends.

Cosmic Gate - Over the Rainbow, Festival Hall Melbourne 2012
Cosmic Gate - Over the Rainbow, Festival Hall Melbourne 2012
Benjamin Skepper @ Rainbow Serpent Festival with Melbourne
Benjamin Skepper @ Rainbow Serpent Festival with Melbourne ...
Rainbow Serpent Festival, Melbourne, Australia, - 2010
Rainbow Serpent Festival, Melbourne, Australia, - 2010 ...
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