Chocolate Festival Melbourne

August 23, 2022
Hot Chocolate Festival | Yarra

Salvation Army/Pridmore Center for Women and Children

2nd Place - TIE!!

Yellow Dog Cafe & Grimaldi Candies

3rd Place

Graffiti Zoo Gourmet Chocolate


Proceeds from the festival will be used to support local scholarship programs, community service projects and Zonta’s local and international campaign against Human Trafficking and Violence Against Women! (Click on the Chocolate Festival link above for more information.)

Thank you to our Entertainment

Mark Nathan

Rosario Cushero & Lacy Taylor

Johnny Kee (John Ellis)

Brevard Theatrical Ensemble

“Brevard’s Best Chocolate Fix” Competition Show Brevard County the best chocolate creation your business has to offer! Compete among Brevard’s most talented chocolatiers, restaurateurs and pastry chefs. Competitors are asked to provide 600 bite size samples of a chocolate creation. See competition Form for more details.

Chocolate Buffet Donations Businesses wishing to donate chocolate creations and promote their business, but do not wish to compete, can donate to the Chocolate Buffet. You can serve the donation and promote your business, or volunteers will serve for you. Donations can be picked up by our volunteers or you can drop them off the day of the festival. See Chocolate Buffet Vendor Form for more details.

Raffle Promote your business by donating a gift basket or gift certificates, products, crafts or art work to add to a basket. See Vendor/Raffle Donation Form for details.

Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship opportunities are available throughout the year at various levels, benefits include promotion of your business at the 2015 Chocolate Festival, program advertisements, space and sponsor links on the Zonta Club of Melbourne website, and Chocolate Festival event tickets. See Sponsorship Opportunities Form for details.

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The 1975 - Chocolate Live at Melbourne Big Day Out 2014
The 1975 - Chocolate Live at Melbourne Big Day Out 2014
2013 Chocolate Festival supports Zonta Club of Melbourne
2013 Chocolate Festival supports Zonta Club of Melbourne
Melbourne Chocolate Festival - 03/30/2008
Melbourne Chocolate Festival - 03/30/2008
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