Fame on YouTube: as easy as ABC

April 2, 2020
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Have you been dreaming of becoming a YouTube superstar for a long time? So why not make an effort and achieve this cherished goal? But first, you need to figure out what is needed for this.

To get started, you need a small audience who can advise your channel to their subscribers. You can buy YouTube likes to convince people of the usefulness and interesting content of your channel.

Tag your video. It is very important. After all, no one can find your video without the right tags. When you upload a video to your channel, select the tags that best describe the content of the video. Do not use the same tags as other users, otherwise your video will be lost among thousands of others.

Choose keywords that match the content of the video, do not confuse viewers with keywords that are not relevant to the video.

Use common and special tags to attract more viewers. These can be the names of the people you mention, keywords about events that you’re talking about in the video, and so on.

Distribute videos exclusively to people you know. If nothing connects you with a person, you should not ask him to watch your video or give him a link to it. This is simply the height of tactlessness in the understanding of YouTube users. Instead, work on the relationships you already have and let the audience form naturally. Do not wait for the result in one night only, be persistent and the number of views will go up.

Chat with subscribers. To gain popularity, answer everyone who leaves feedback. This is a good way to build new relationships with subscribers. If someone left you a nice message, reply! If you are asked for advice - give it. Be generous and friendly, and you will attract attention of more and more people. Add to your friends subscribers who are trying to make friends with you.

Image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay

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