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July 5, 2017
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This program has been specifically designed to assist people with eating disorders. The aim is to provide a safe and trusting environment that fosters the restoration of health and weight and assists patients to develop an understanding of the factors that maintain the disorder. The Eating Disorders Program is comprised of an inpatient and a day program. Outreach services are also available.

The Eating Disorders Inpatient Program is a specialized 40 day program that has been designed to provide comprehensive treatment. The multidisciplinary team of qualified health professionals are experienced and trained in understanding and treating Eating Disorders. Improved nutritional status and emotional well-being is achieved through individualized meal planning and meal support and participation in the daily group program. The daily group program provides patients with opportunities to participate in evidence based treatment of eating disorders, emotion regulation and interpersonal skills training, occupational therapy and creative arts therapies. Family involvement in recovery is encouraged. Family therapy and a monthly family support and information evening are made available to relatives and friends of patients.

The inpatient program provides treatment to patients in the acute stage of illness. Patients are then assisted with a transition to outpatient care, where the Eating Disorders Day Program and The Melbourne Clinic Outreach services offer continuity of treatment.

Day Program

The Eating Disorders Day Program runs on Monday to Friday. The program is designed for people who are able to manage eating more independently however still require ongoing structure and support to challenge their problematic eating behaviours. The program consists of dietetic groups that provide education and support, cognitive behaviour therapy groups and other skills based groups such as assertiveness training. Patients engage in food challenges to reduce their anxiety around feared foods and enhance their confidence in eating more independently.


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2016 Melbourne Chilli Eating Championship
2016 Melbourne Chilli Eating Championship
Read Eating and Drinking Melbourne (Eating Out) PDF Online
Read Eating and Drinking Melbourne (Eating Out) PDF Online
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