Festival of Perth

July 24, 2016
Perth Fringe Festival Pleasure

The Friends of the Festival began in 1976, directly supporting the Perth International Arts Festival. Over the years their numbers have grown greatly and they are now important advocates for the Festival in the community, embracing all that the Festival has to offer.

Friends enjoy many benefits, including a priority booking period, a range of ticket discounts and regular updates about Festival events and year-round special offers from our arts industry associates.

Friends have made donations for many years towards the Artist Talks series which are a part of the Festival. These talks take place during the Festival featuring writers, artists, directors and performers across all genres to give an added insight into their work. Friends have again donated to the 2016 PIAF Artist Talks, and have increased their donation to support the Lotterywest Festival Films.

Friends also organise the Festival in Focus talks which are held before the Festival begins. These talks provide background information for Festival events and are available to Friends members and a guest.

One of the most popular events for Friends is the Lotterywest Festival Films season launch held at Somerville. Friends have exclusive access to tickets to attend the launch. The Lotterywest Festival Films season is held at UWA Somerville and ECU Joondalup Pines. These two wonderful outdoor venues offer the opportunity to picnic and enjoy award winning films from around the world.

By joining you can attend Festival launches and participate in special events. There are many opportunities to meet other Friends who share the same appreciation for the internationally recognised arts that the Festival brings to Perth each year.

Friends Council:

Patron: Diana Warnock
Chair: Zelinda Bafile
Vice-Chair: Shirene Varendorff
Treasurer: Anthea Bird
Members: Carola Akindele–Obe, Ross Bryant, Ashok Desai, Tracy Deveugle-Frink, Kate Lewis, Joanne Malone, Barbara Macnish

Perth City Festival of Christmas 2012 60 sec HD
Perth City Festival of Christmas 2012 60 sec HD
the GIANTS festival of Perth
the GIANTS festival of Perth
Dominican Festival of Perth Amboy 08/16 & 08/17 2008
Dominican Festival of Perth Amboy 08/16 & 08/17 2008
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