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January 19, 2017
Crafts at the RAC Travel

Event Ninjas Required

As the workload expands, so too does the team! We are looking to add a couple of elite Event Ninjas (Event Assistants is the real title, but Event Ninjas sounds way more fun) to our fabulous team. What we need…

Meet Sarah, our Events Coordinator

A little bit about me… I’m a perfectionist – to the point where I’m hugely annoying. Once I’ve got an idea in my head – good luck talking me out of it! I love any excuse to celebrate. I’m happiest…

Meet Kim, our Events Designer

A little bit about me… Its hard to define yourself to others without sounding a bit full of yourself! I think if you asked my friends and family, they would say I’m fun, caring and hardworking. I have a really…

Meet Lara, our Events Director

A little bit about me… If I had to describe myself, I’d say I’m a bit of a walking contradiction. I am super laid back, but at the same time ridiculously over-organised, bordering on obsessive. My style is simplistic, but I love…

Meet the Team

It’s a little daunting bringing new people into the mix; Will they fit in? Will they have the same work ethic? Will our clients and suppliers like them? But luckily for me, finding the perfect team was a far easier…

Events Coordinator Required – Thanks, the position is now filled!

We are looking for an extremely stylish, ridiculously organized Events Coordinator… What we want in this new addition to our team is maturity, experience and an understanding of how much admin and not-so-pretty behind the scenes work is involved in…

Welcome to our new website

I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to our fresh new website. We have been quietly working on this for quite some time now and we are absolutely thrilled with the result. Not only does it beautifully showcase some…

Perth Ontario Canada - Perth Ontario Events and Information
Perth Ontario Canada - Perth Ontario Events and Information
Perth, Australia 2013 (Official Event Video) | Tough Mudder
Perth, Australia 2013 (Official Event Video) | Tough Mudder
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