Lotterywest Film Festival 2014

January 31, 2017
Alex Gibney


Australian Exclusive/Premiere

Miraculous transformations and pyrotechnic wonders abound in this family-friendly show … barely a moment passes without something jaw-droppingly spectacular occurring. MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS (UK)

Xarxa are masters of public theatre on the most spectacular scale. With all senses engaged and truly heightened, audiences worldwide have revelled in the sheer force of these visual storytellers.

Explosions of music and movement, the elemental collision of fire meeting sea, fireworks shooting an unforgettable array of light into the night sky. Get ready to be elated and submerged in this dazzling experience.

charts the grand and perilous voyage of a ship on the open sea. It is both a celebration of our charged and dynamic ocean and an explosive reminder that the journey is often just as magical as the final destination.

Inspired by the work of Valencian poet Ausiàs March, Xarxa have created a family-friendly spectacular that will set the skyline alight for three nights to launch the Festival. Find your spot in Langley Park and brace yourself for this electrifying start to the Festival.

Mesmerising in scale and effect, this Festival exclusive will leave our entire city with a pounding heart and indelible memories.

You can choose to experience this unique theatrical spectacle on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. Friday’s performance will be preceded by a Welcome to Country from Indigenous artists and Elders.

Picnicking welcome from 6.30pm
Performance commences 8pm

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