Multicultural Festival Melbourne

January 4, 2022
Victoria s Multicultural

Upcoming inaugural Global Village Multicultural Festival, will be held in October 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.

Information booths

Information booths are located at the entrance adjacent to each shuttle stop and in the center of the park where the ball fields intersect.

Lost Children

The Global Village Multicultural Festival is committed to the safety of our guests. We recommend parents establish a designated location to meet if a child/parent become separated; however If you are missing a member of your party, please visit the Festival Information Booth located in the center of the park for assistance.

Lost and Found

Please visit the Festival Information Booth located in the center of the park for assistance with missing personal items.

Smoke Free

Global Village Festival is proud to provide guests ith a smoke-free environment.

Smoking is prohibited and is unlawful in or at any park or recreation facility within the City of Whittlesea, except where designated.


The Global Village Festival is committed to providing access to as many guests as possible and provides reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities and service animals.

First Aid Station

If you need medical attention, please contact a Global Village staff member or visit the First Aid Station located in the in the middle of the park where the ball fields intersect.

Kids Village

The Festival’s Kids Village is a fanciful and vibrant destination for children, featuring kids-inspired music and dance performances, an inflatable play area, crafting, games and sports activities, plus “kid-friendly” food selections that appeal to our younger guests.

Safety Suggestion: As a safety precaution, we recommend that parents write their mobile phone number on a sticker and place it on the back of young children. In the event you become separated, Festival staff will be able to contact you immediately. Free stickers are available in the Kids Village and at any of the Festival Information Booths. DO NOT put the name of your child on the sticker. If you need additional assistance, please contact any of our event staff wearing a light blue shirt with the Global Village Logo.


A showcase of cultural displays, the exhibitor area provides guests with an opportunity to learn about other cultures through interactive displays, costumes, artifacts, and art.

Community Partners

At the heart of the Festival is the Community Partners Pavilion, where non-profit, local community groups and government agencies have an opportunity to showcase their programs and services to the community.

Festival Welcome

Melbourne is truly a diverse City and we are honored to welcome a number of consulates serving Victoria . Check the Festival program for "Welcome Ceremony" times and join us in greeting our special international guests.

Globalvillage festival is member of CIOFF - International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts.

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