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December 28, 2021
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The Instrumental Music Service provides three annual residential music camps with a concert taking place at the end of each camp.

The dates these courses will be taking place in 2016 are:

Senior Music Camp, Sunday 3 April - Friday 8 April 2016, Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle

Groups invited:

  • Senior Choir
  • Perth Youth Orchestra
  • Wind Orchestra
  • Perth & Kinross Big Band
  • Senior Brass Band

Senior Music Camp Concert, Saturday 9 April 2016, Perth Concert Hall, 7.30pm

Perth Youth Orchestra Camp Concert, Sunday 10 April 2016, Perth Concert Hall, 7.30pm

Groups invited

  • Perth Youth Orchestra only

Junior Music Camp, Monday 2 May - Friday 6 May 2016, Belmont Centre, Meigle

  • Junior String Orchestra
  • Elementary String Orchestra
  • Piano Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Junior Brass Band

Junior Music Camp Concert, Thursday 5 May 2016, Perth Concert Hall, 7.00pm

Intermediate Music Camp, Sunday 5 June - Thursday 9 June 2016, Belmont Centre, Meigle

  • Wind Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Intermediate Brass Band
  • Senior String Orchestra
  • Intermediate Choir

Intermediate Music Camp Concert, Friday 10 June 2016, St Ninians Cathedral, 7.30pm

These courses are open to pupils who attend central groups but pupils who are not members of Central Groups are invited to apply if there are sufficient places left. These residential courses are a unique mixture of hard work, musical creativity and fun, and for many who attend, it is the highlight of their academic year.

Future Music Perth WA 2015 Lipton Promo
Future Music Perth WA 2015 Lipton Promo
Perth Music Band
Perth Music Band
Bon Iver- Perth (Music Video)
Bon Iver- Perth (Music Video)
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