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February 19, 2014
Sponsorship of New Zealand

We have different agreements for different types of events that include music. We have made the process of getting the right type of licence for your event easy. Simply complete the appropriate licence request below and one of our representatives will be in touch. It is important to note that event promoters are responsible for obtaining a licence before the event takes place.

Ticketed events Submit a licence request Free Events Submit a licence request
How much does it cost?

Event Type

Headline Rate*

Music Concerts and Festivals

1.5% of Gross admission fees

Comedy Shows and similar events using music

1.5% of Gross admission fees
adjusted for music use percentage

Free Events where artists are paid

2% of Gross Expenditure on artists

Free Events where artists are not paid

$50 (Minimum Fee)

Dance Parties

Whichever is the greater of 1.69% of box office, or 15.02 cents per person admitted to the event

Sporting Events

4c per person

Film Festivals

0.4% of Box Office receipts

*All prices excluding 15% GST
NB: All licences subject to a minimum fee of $50 + GST.

Music at Corporate Events

If you are hosting an event that includes music at your office or place of work, whether it's live or recorded, you will need to obtain permission for the music you wish to play. The public performance of music in workplaces is administered by OneMusic. OneMusic is a joint initiative between APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ that administers the public performance of music, and returns licence fees paid to music creators. For more information regarding OneMusic and the Music in the Workplace licence click here.

NZ Music Month kick off
NZ Music Month kick off
NZ music medley
NZ music medley
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