Melbourne Independent Film Festival

January 10, 2023
Melbourne Independent Film

MIFF 2012 at the Oaks Stadium 10In its 14th year, the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival continues to be a fun metropolitan venue for some of today's most inventive filmmakers. Real Food Real Kitchens show proceeds support the local charity, Children's Hunger Project. All other proceeds support the No Limits Academy.

Best Deal VIP ALL ACCESS $60.00

Join the MIFF VIP Afterparty on the balcony. VIP ticket holders and filmmakers only

Tickets for the VIP After Party provide access to all MIFF events.

Real Food Real Kitchens
Friday Sep 28 4:30 pm $20.00

(All Funds to Benefit the Children's Hunger Fund) Real Food Real Kitchens is a locally produced television show that explores the kitchens, lives, and foods of people from different neighborhoods around the world. This is the opportunity to get down home family recipes straight from the person who makes them. It is a look into the lives, traditions, and culture of people who cook and create these recipes for the people they love the most. Includes 6:30 pm Reception featuring tastings from the Real Food Real Kitchens chefs.

"Fright Night Friday" Horror Program
(Ages 17 and Over Only)
Friday Sep 28 7:00pm $10.00

"Rockabilly Zombie Weekend Preview, " directed by Jaime Velez-Soto
"White Lie, " directed by Chris Woods
"Harold Rose, " directed by Stephen L Winters
"The Goriest Minute, " sponsored by Cult Movie Mania
"Butchers Hill, " directed by Rory Kindersley and Jason Noto
"The Unbroken, " directed by Jason Murphy

Comedy Show
(Ages 17 and Over Only)
Friday Sep 28 9:00pm $10.00

Comedy Show featuring films and performance comedy with Dana Snyder (Master Shake- Star of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies). Special guests include Lear Bunda (Cartoon Network, The Space Coast, The Dock Show), television writer Brian Studler (Brothers and Sisters), and cocktail-making aficionados Pat Martin and Billy Tracey from WhatArePatandBillyDrinking? Including shorts not yet shown on Adult Swim.

The Uh-Oh! Show
(Ages 17 and Over Only)
Friday Sep 28 11:00pm $10.00

He served the original Blood Feast…raised hell with Two-Thousand Maniacs…rode wild with She-Devils on Wheels…and got down with the Gore Gore Girls. Now, after nearly 40 years, the "Wizard of Gore" himself, director Herschell Gordon Lewis, returns with "The Uh-Oh Show, " an all-new splatter classick about a reality TV show that finally give viewers what they really want. Win…and get rich. Lose and it's…off with your arms, legs, or more on the bloodiest show to ever hit your screen.

Florida Filmmakers and more
Saturday Sep 29 $10.00

9:00 am Florida Filmmakers Matinee
1:00 pm The Year of the Dragon and Meet the Filmmakers Roundtable Q & A
2:00 pm Herschell Gordon Lewis and the Making of the Uh-Oh! Show
3:30 pm "The Guest House, " directed by Michael Baumgarten (Ages 17 and Over Only)
5:15 pm "Pui Chen: Kung Fu Pioneer, " directed by Mimi Chan

Fun, Fabulous, and Festive Shorts and Awards Ceremony

Melbourne Independent Film Festival 2008
Melbourne Independent Film Festival 2008
Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival 2013
Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival 2013
Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival
Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival
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